The Downtime.RGB.5

The Downtime

4. The Downtime At the end of your day before you leave work – build in a transition. There is nothing harder than trying to go from the high energy…

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Living The Creative Day.RGB.4

Living The Creative Day

Living the creative day Whatever, you do, you can make it creative! Make a list of what you need to do for the day ahead. Reflect back to your notes…

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The Creative Commute.RGB.10

The Creative Commute

Using the time it takes to get in and out of work or to and from your errand is a great way to build creativity into your everyday life. This…

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The evening and morning practive.RGB.6

The Evening And The Morning

How are you creative rebels out there? In the last series of blogs we looked our creative practice – phase one, visual, phase two, audio and kinesthetic and phase three,…

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