4. Want to Discover Your Purpose?

#Your Purpose: The emotional states that we’ve discussed in the previous sections can be seen as unbearable and extremely disabling. However, having these feelings are often part of everyday life…

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3. Want to Discover Your Purpose?

#Frustrated: You want the answer but it’s just not appearing to you in all its glory. I believe that the more you look, the less likely it will be there…

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2. Want to Discover Your Purpose?

#Desperate:  You don’t know which way to turn, every direction seems to be barricaded by someone or something. However, if we think about the situation from a different perspective we…

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Image.1.BlogMarch 2016.

1. Want to Discover Your Purpose?

Welcome to my latest blog: Want To Discover Your Purpose. In the next 3 sections we’ll be looking at different emotional barriers that we all have come across at some…

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