Matt WardI’m Matt Ward a highly passionate and driven NLP coach – and creative rebel expert! I will unlock your creativity to reinvigorate your creative genius!

I’m talking to you, the creatively stifled – held back from bringing to life your creative visions! With proven tools and techniques I will guide you to rekindle your creative magic in your artistic discipline.

I became a qualified NLP practitioner and coach after I used the NLP process to unblock my own creative juices and found a brand new connection with my artistic practice. The same NLP processes that we will use to rebel against your barriers and reconnect you with your innate creativity.

I possessed long-standing preconceptions about who I was as a person and creative. For me, struggles at school led to a lack of confidence blocking me from who I really am as an artist. I achieved a GCSE D in Art which slaughtered my confidence. Yet, something compelled me to recover my love and passion for art in my mid twenties.  I decided to go back and get my education. It was at this point I discovered that I was severely dyslexic – explaining to some extent the difficulties I had in my younger years. Identifying the cause propelled me to overcome this barrier and achieve my goals, and I did – earning a degree in Illustration in Visual Communication and Design. However, I still needed to retrain my whole way of thinking and disband the lies about my shortcomings to move forward.

This is when I found NLP. Through the tools of NLP I’ve managed to turn my entire life around. My life is so much better than it ever was before – I am motivated, committed and comfortable with my unique creative outlook. The transformation has been incredible and there is only one thing left to do – dedicate my time and effort to helping others find what I found. Plus, it is great fun!

As artists the worst feeling is to be in a stalemate with your own practice. There is one truth I hold as the highest – that anyone, no matter what their background, education or socio-economic status – is creative and can achieve anything to which they set their minds and passions. The only thing standing between yourself and success – is you!