1. Creativity Is The Name Of My Game.

‘Creativity is The Name Of My Game’ is all about illustrating and demonstrating what You Creative Rebel is all about. As you can see from the contents page, it provides an insightful outlook into You Creative Rebel’s DNA.

The chapter is from the book Creativity is The Name Of My Game and the chapter is called The Creative Artistic Perspective. 

Contents page: 


This simple book is a bit of fun, but it is also about showing how things can be very different when you have the creative tools to deal with a situation. The situation then becomes very clear, like viewing it through a magmatic glass! Simplicity is key in overcoming things in our lives and we just need to apply a different standpoint and then tackle it from a new perspective!

At some point in our life, we will want to know the answer to certain questions:

Is this true love

I feel so alone

I hate my job

I want to be happy

When we can’t find the answer to such questions, we can end up confused, distressed and angry. However, when we have a creative set of tools and a little helping hand, we will find a way to get over the obstacle no matter how big or small!

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  • Kirsty Reply

    Great work Matt, keep it up 🙂 x

  • Mark Reply

    Sounds great Matt. In life we all need goals to aim for in life.

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thank you so much for the awesome comments! I’ll keep you updated on all future blogs and newsletters :)!!

  • Justine Reply

    I love this!!

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Awesome, thank you again for such fantastic comments. I’ll keep you updated on all future blogs :)!!

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