3. Born On The 4th of July.

As you walk and talk, a new found confidence comes through and a deeper understanding of yourself is obvious to others around you. The streets are packed and busy with people rushing around getting from A – Z. You, on the other hand, have the opportunities to slow down and move forward, because you know exactly where you are heading. A moment of realisation dawns on you. You smile and your heart joyfully skips with joy. You’ve now got an openness and charismatic way about you that you’ve never experienced before. This allows you to move forward and not worry about things anymore. To keep going and to keep your eyes on the goal that has been clearly marked on your trusted map. You move at top speed and head up the street. You see a number of signs in front of you. Before you would be confused and not know which way to turn. Not this time. So you tell your trusted guide. I’ll take it from here.

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