Born On The 4th of July.

You park up and you take it all in. You’ve arrived at your final destination. To sit and allow yourself this time to really embrace what you’ve achieved. Before you get out of the car you give your trusted guide a call, just to say I’m here and I would like you to be here too. When your trusted guide appears in a very short space of time you are filled with emotions and are totally overcome with joy and happiness.

You then take the final few steps alone and step off the pavement and walk towards the entrance door. You put the key in and turn it. You grab the handle and slowly open the door. The brightness of beaming light glows brighter and brighter within your heart. You have the goal that you always wanted and it’s now yours forever!

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  • Justine Reply

    Having read all four parts to this blog, it’s so inspiring – this would definitely help anyone looking for guidance on how to put ideas in motion. As a business owner in my first 2 yes of trading, I wish I’d met you before! I love this 🙂

  • Matt Ward Reply

    Thank you so much for such wonderful and amazing comments! :)!!

    YCR is all about connecting with other liked minded inspiring people just like yourself. Building fantastic relationships by connecting and helping and also sharing is what it is all about. :)!!

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