Building Your Creative Practice - Phase Four

Building your creative practice – phase four!

Welcome back! You Creative Rebel, how’s things been going? Don’t forget to email me with your questions and thoughts… I really want to know! These processes allow you the opportunity to experiment and build your own internal creative environment. As I commented in my phase one blog “now taken in this light – we shouldn’t push or force creativity to come to us – but rather regularly take the time to ensure our internal creative landscape is fertile ground ready to turn the next piece of inspiration into reality”. Hopefully, this statement is starting to ring true with you and you’ve started to find yourself becoming more confident and comfortable in your own creativity.

Now we are going to bring all three elements of our creative meditation together. Combining it can feel like hitting the nail on the head; suddenly things fall into place. So seize this opportunity and allow yourself to experience this experience and let your creativity come out and play!

Playing around with your creativity part 4:

  • First, take a few moments to find a comfortable position and lets start the process by slowly closing your eyes….
  • Let your breath flow naturally for a few moments and consciously allow yourself this time to relax and go on this journey.
  • With each breath feel yourself go deeper and deeper into your unconscious mind and see what you want to see.
  • Allow your imagination to run completely free and whatever images come to mind – just follow them, as if you were watching a film in the cinema.
  • Seeing all the images around you, small or big, with array of vivd colours, noticing the sounds soft or loud and notice the array of different pitched sounds.
  • Notice the subtle but powerful, strong & intense positive feelings that come to you.
  • Go deeper into your creative environment – become part of it.
  • Find a way to bring together what you see, hear and feel into one moment – and make it bigger, brighter, louder and stronger.
  • Refrain from making any judgements – everything that you’ve ever wanted is within your reach – just stay with the experience.
  • Allow yourself time to take in everything that you’ve just created.
  • Now in a moment and in your own time, you’ll start to come out of this state.
  • Start coming back into your present environment, by becoming aware of your immediate surroundings.
  • Slowly move your hands and feet, and finally open your eyes and allow yourself to sit where you are for a few moments.

If you want to be guided through the above exerice, then please feel free to click on the link You Creative Rebel building your creative practice – phase 4.

Your creativity knows no boundaries – so let yourself go with this technique as much as you want. Keep going with the exercise above and observe any changes in your life or your artistic practice. This technique will help you build the necessary foundation to become the creative rebel you are. This is just the starting point, however, now that we’ve started to access your creativity, now is the time to push forward through my creative one to one sessions. So please feel free to email me so we can discuss this further, my email address is –

Warmest Regards,


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  • Francesca Cassini Reply

    Love the idea of being a creative rebel! I love this gentle journey in to the imagination, its similar to the practice I use and after having coming out of the yoke of my father telling me I had ‘too much imagination’, I now find it my very best friend (along with my camera)!. Creativity is our life blood.

  • Jamie Reply

    Thanks for this post! I love how you step it out and it’s in such a progressive flow, sometimes though being creative comes natural to me, it can get overwhelming and I just want to do everything! It’s good to know that there are steps out there to bring it back a notch but all the while reach the end goal!

  • Serena Low Reply

    Your statement “we shouldn’t push or force creativity to come to us – but rather regularly take the time to ensure our internal creative landscape is fertile ground ready to turn the next piece of inspiration into reality” really stood out for me. I always thought creativity was something that came and went on its own accord. If it came, good. If not, I carry on with my ‘normal’ activities until it shows up. It did not occur to me to consciously nurture it, much less to use a process to encourage it. I plan to give your process a try to see if it affects my creativity.

    • Darrance Reply

      That takes us up to the next level. Great posnitg.

      • Matt Ward Reply

        Thanks for your comments, it’s much appreciated! :)!! Please feel free to check out my new blogs, which has just been released this month! Thanks again!

  • Amanda Reply

    Really love the idea of playing around with your creativity. Brilliant mediation process, will definitely be trying the other stages 1, 2 and 3.

  • )Hanifa K. Cook Reply

    I have always known I am a left brainer. My daughter is a right brainer. So is my husband. It is easy to see why I get so exhausted so quickly because I habe to organise them all the time! I am smarter now as I work towards the middle brain, keeping the balance.

    • Kairii Reply

      Deep thinking – adds a new dimnesion to it all.

      • Matt Ward Reply

        Thanks for your comment, much appreciated! :)!! Looking at things in a new way is what it’s all about.

  • Matt Ward Reply

    Thanks for your comment, much appreciated! Creativity is a natural gift which we all possess. We just need to tap into it and use it everyday!

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