Living The Creative Day

  1. Living the creative day

Whatever, you do, you can make it creative! Make a list of what you need to do for the day ahead. Reflect back to your notes from technique one. Consider these further questions before you start

  1. What am I seeking to accomplish today?
  2. What is the bigger picture? Why am I doing what I am doing?
  3. How can I do something different today – even just as an experiment?
  4. Are there other ways of doing what I need to do?
  5. If so how?
  6. Could I make what I do more fun and a reflection of my personality?
  7. What am I feeling and thinking about this right now?
  8. Relaxing into creativity.

Try this for a few days then go on to my next blog about the Downtime!

Signing off,

Matt Ward – your creativity expert!

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  • Matt Ward Reply

    Thanks for your comments, it’s much appreciated! We are all gifted and creative individuals with so much to offer! :)!!

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