The Balloon Game!

Great to see everyone at my August workshop in Kingston It was a great session and I wanted to use the next few blogs to revisit some of the themes we looked at – there are some fun little animations too!

Give it a go and enjoy! Want more? Shoot me an email at for a free consultation session.

1. Finding balance through creativity – the balloon game:

At the event we did a short exercise involving our values and balloons. Yes, you read right, balloons. The point is we often approach our lives as different compartments that need to be dealt with – often with a sigh and a groan. Work, family, friends, relationships, money and so on… it’s exhausting and leaves you no time for creativity.

But what if we pulled all of our values together and approached them as one cohesive entity? Would certain things we thought were important but really are not fall away? Would we be able to get behind our activities with more passion and zeal? Find time and energy to explore and grow?

It’s important to understand that when our ‘to do’ list feels like a burden that is when our creativity is blocked. So values and creativity is interlinked – when we turn our values into motivation we are more able to bring in our own creativity into play.

Check out the animation: The Balloon Game

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  • Jeremy Reply

    The honesty and openness really works when you read the blog!

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  • Fry Reply

    It’s so true that we have juggle different ‘things’ in our lives, ‘balloons’ is a really interesting concept and a great way of visualising this.

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