The Creative Commute

Using the time it takes to get in and out of work or to and from your errand is a great way to build creativity into your everyday life. This technique urges your mind to see things from different angles – which will help you start your day with an open and flexible mind. Particularly if your commute is stressful, crowded or rushed! Please don’t do this while driving – instead give yourself a few minutes in the car park to try this technique out. You only need 3-5m.

  1. Feel your breath get slower and deeper
  2. Check and change your body’s posture by dropping shoulders, elongating the neck – almost like a string is attached to the top of your head and holding you up. Relax your hands and feet.
  3. Close your eyes and create an environment (both visual and audio) that is relaxing – a beach? The forest?
  4. Where ever you are try to shift the perspective around – perhaps you are lying on a beach, try to move to the sea and see the beach from there, or the top of a palm tree looking down.
  5. Notice any changes when you shift perspective.
  6. Let this process flow.
  7. After a time, come back to your present environment.
  1. Living the creative day

Whatever, you do, you can make it creative! Make a list of what you need to do for the day ahead. Reflect back to your notes from technique one. Consider these further questions before you start

  1. What am I seeking to accomplish today?
  2. What is the bigger picture? Why am I doing what I am doing?
  3. How can I do something different today – even just as an experiment?
  4. Are there other ways of doing what I need to do?
  5. If so how?
  6. Could I make what I do more fun and a reflection of my personality?
  7. What am I feeling and thinking about this right now?
  8. Relaxing into creativity.

Try this for a few days then go on to my next blog Living The Creative Day!

Signing off,

Matt Ward – your creativity expert!

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