The Creative Pathway!

Great to see everyone at my August workshop in Kingston It was a great session and I wanted to use the next few blogs to revisit some of the themes we looked at – there are some fun little animations too!

Give it a go and enjoy! Want more? Shoot me an email at for a free consultation session.

Map your journey – The Creative Pathway.

Now get into the drivers seat.

We’ve laid down the foundations including our values and our positive outlook and our inspiration and motivation. Its time to set some goals.

But setting them isn’t enough. We now need to see ourselves achieving them. The Creative Pathway technique is the way to do this. Its also a good way to test your goals to see if its really what you want. My goal is to exhibit my art work in one of the top galleries in London. I use this technique to help me figure out my next steps in achieving my goal.

Check out the animation: The Creative Pathway!

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  • Jeremy Reply

    The honest & openness really works when you read your blogs!

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thanks you for such great positive feedback!

      • Cathy Reply

        That’s a brilliant answer to an interesting question!

  • Kirsty Reply

    Great read and I couldn’t agree more about visualising your goals to achieve them. I have no doubt that you will and I’ll look forward to your opening night at a wonderful gallery in London!

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thank you for such positive and thoughtful feedback! :)!!

  • Fry Reply

    Love the animation on this – get moving on that path! 🙂

  • Barrett Reply

    Cool blog.. and awesome little videos.. i like those little guys

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