The Positive Affirmation For Yourself And Others!

Great to see everyone at my August workshop in Kingston It was a great session and I wanted to use the next few blogs to revisit some of the themes we looked at – there are some fun little animations too!

Give it a go and enjoy! Want more? Shoot me an email at for a free consultation session.

2. You have got to be your own biggest fan and support others along the way – positive affirmations

Having a positive outlook is something most of us have to work for…it doesn’t just come to us. However, most of us think positivity is something magical and if we just wait around long enough our outlook and perspective will change.

Take it from me, that’s not gonna happen.

For a number of years now I have been doing morning affirmations. What’s an affirmation? It’s a positive reinforcement of and idea of have about myself and my loved ones. Don’t have anything nice to say about yourself? Fake it till you make it. That’s the whole point of positive affirmations.

So make a start by listing coming up with 4-5 different mantras, cheers, affirmations or whatever you wanna call them. They have to be active – words like ‘I will” or ‘I can’ or ‘I am’ will feature strongly here. Then end the sentence with a positive statement of how you feel now or would like to feel in the future.

Wanna feel effective but currently feel like you haven’t accomplished anything lately? Make your affirmation ‘I am an effective and talented individual who is finding their way.’

A key principle of therapy is that if you can see an attribute in someone else that you want then you too can have it! These affirmations will get you there.

Check out the animation: The Positive Affirmation For Yourself And Others.

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  • Jeremy Reply

    The honesty and openness really works when you read the blog. You understand and see the freedom you have that is translated into the artwork.

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thanks again for your awesome comments! I wanted to use a bit of creativity to illustrate the different techniques from my workshop. So decided play around and create some simple music and playful animation.

  • Fry Reply

    Very true! We all need and respond well to ‘positive strokes’ (which is a similar term I’ve learnt previously), either from others or ourselves.

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