VAK Mood Board!

Great to see everyone at my August workshop in Kingston It was a great session and I wanted to use the next few blogs to revisit some of the themes we looked at – there are some fun little animations too!

Give it a go and enjoy! Want more? Shoot me an email at for a free consultation session.

3. Visualise to realise – Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic mood board

What does a business and an artist have in common? They both have a vision. But a vision doesn’t have to be just about what you see, but also what you hear and feel. So look out for inspiration, which is just the arts form of motivation.

Pull it all together and using any material that you want and put on a board in a play list or a scrap book. Fabric, photos, paper, songs, text messages, toys, trinkets, paints anything and everything.

This is your treasure chest of inspiration and motivation. Visit it often and pay attention to how it makes you feel.

Check out the animation: The V.A.K Mood Board

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  • Jeremy Reply

    You understand and see the freedom you have that is translated into the artwork.

    • Matt Ward Reply

      Thanks again for your fantastic feedback, it is very much appreciated.

  • Fry Reply

    Interesting concept to help inspire and motivate … and music is undoubtedly food for the mind and soul!

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