Creativity is the key to better and greater things and You Creative Rebel has been totally awesome – Barrett Sutherland

I was terrified of re-entering the workforce after 30 years raising a family – and thought I was too old and too out of touch to even consider my dream creative career! But Matt’s techniques and guidance made short change of those anxieties and now I am back in practice and happily living the creative life I always wanted! – Pamela Selberg

You don’t realise creativity is a skill that needs to be honed and refined. Working with Matt has been nothing short of a priceless opportunity! – Amanda Neal

I would highly recommend Matt Ward the Creative Rebel, the way he works with his client is to reach down and rediscover their inner Rebel is truly magnificent and life changing to witness – Lillian Ogbogoh – The Sensuality Discovery Specialist

Matt is a creative genius – Hayley Thomas

I would highly recommend You Creative Rebel, it is fun, exciting and life changing – Kim Griffiths