It’s Never Too Late!

Week 3. 

Mr and Mrs Motivator  

The big ‘M’ word: Motivation. If you want to achieve anything in life, you need to be motivated. I know what your thinking; obviously you need to be motivated! But as obvious as that statement may be; It can get lost along the way. A good intention doesn’t automatically mean you will achieve your goal.

Going back to the idea of me having a six pack, I would need to be ready to give it my all, not just physically, but also mentally!

This is what helps me. Before my training sessions and after my training sessions I do a mental exercise. This 12-minute exercise outlined below, helps give me a clear mental visual picture of what I want to look like at the end of the 4 weeks.

The Mind Does Matter, So Exercise It:

1. Set a chilled alarm that will bring you out of this state. Set your watch or phone for 12 minutes.
2. Feet firmly on the ground and back straight with your hands resting on the top of your lap.
3. Relax in your quiet and safe environment and allow yourself time to breathe at your own pace.
4. Paint a picture with your mind, visualize what you want! Really see it!
5. Notice the shapes, colors and textures and embrace the picture that your creating.
6. Embrace the positive emotions and let them wash all over you!
7. Really embrace what you are your now feeling! as you’ve now achieved your goal.
8. Stay in this sitting position and stay with the visualization that you have created and let the experience be with you!
9. Allow what is happening to take place and allow the power of the mind do its work!
10. Just wait for the alarm to go off and when it does; then slowly and in your own time open your eyes.

If you require some guidance through the above process – Please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to go through it with you!

Give it a whirl yourself, on something that you want to achieve. 

1. Allow yourself the time. The Mind Does Matter, So Exercise It!

2. Please always remember to be realistic with goals!


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