It’s Never Too Late!

Week 4. 

The buff doesn’t stops here!

As you can see from me trying to gain a six pack over the last 4 weeks, my shape has made massive improvements. This could only be achieved by sticking to a simple plan. To retain this shape and fitness, I’ll need to keep up the good work! In the meantime, I’ll definitely be patting myself on the back.

It provides you with an immense sense of satisfaction when you put pen to paper and tick off your goal. Once achieved, please ensure that you celebrate and reward yourself for all the hard work.

(A realistic) Wish List for 2018 and beyond might look something like this: 

  1. Start up a business in 2018 (part-time)
  2. Buy a property 2020 – 2023
  3. Start a family 2022
  4. Travel before the other big commitments 2019

Always be kind and true to yourself! Things can and will change over time and sometimes things will be beyond your control. Be flexible and adaptable in these circumstances and you will achieve what you want in life!

Let’s have a little recap:  

The littlest things can sometimes be forgotten, so provide yourself with a simple structured dairy. Write down, record your progress as you go through your journey and have some fun!

  1. Make and create a monthly dairy and then create a yearly one and then finally 5 yearly one.
  2. Update the dairy as you progress through your development and celebrate your achievements along the way.
  3. The mind does matter, so exercise it, practice the visualization technique every morning or evening, or both!
  4. A well-balanced lifestyle = A happier life!
  5. Remember the other very important factors in your life.
  6. Always remember you need a realistic timeframe to be able to achieve your goal.

It’s true you can’t accomplish everything in 1 year! However, you can plan for the next 5 years and achieve everything that you want! If you are struggling to find the ‘M’ in your life or finding it difficult to plan a realistic timeframe for 2018. Then please get in contact for free consultant and no obligation discussion. Please email me on

Happiness is yours in the years to come!


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