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Kingston Arts The Festival of The Voice 

Delighted to work with Kingston Arts for the Festival Of The Voice. I led the ‘Creatively Speaking’ workshop, where the focus is on letting go of our inhibitions through exercises that help us find our creative voice.

“Creative Sunday morning. Bright & refreshing, really enjoyable – James Green

“Awesome’ ‘Inspiring’ ‘Enlightening’ ‘Worth it!! – Jashton Ashton

Kingston Arts You Are Creative

In August, I ran an event at the Surrey House in Kingston called You Are Creative. The event was about becoming more creative through the use of fun & simple tools and techniques. Practice every day and you will get that creative edge with fantastic results.

“Very inspirational and motivational! Really enjoyed it! – Michael Darcy



mentoring certificate

Worked with Kingston University Beyond Barriers scheme. 

The mentoring scheme is all about developing new skills in a structured way based on the individual needs. Improve their networking skills and to provide support to the mentees in their goals and career planning & development.




Exhibition at The cornerHOUSE Community Arts centre. 

Is a series of designed illustrations about health and well-being. The simple and yet fun illustrations are all about creatively expressing issues and barriers that we all face in our everyday lives. The name of the exhibition “Not The Full Deck” is because they were originally designed illustration cards, however, there are 44 within the pack and not a full deck of 52.




You Creative Rebel’s 1st Birthday Bash at The Albert in Kingston. 

Awesome food & awesome conversation with other liked minded creatives.

Celebrating 1 year of creative events.

A moment to thank those who have supported You Creative Rebel this past year.

An opportunity to hear about the upcoming programme of talks, chats, and activities to get your creative juices flowing.

It all kicks off on Thursday 15th at 7pm.




You Creative Rebel presents ‘Drink & Draw’ at The Albert and is part of The Big Draw.

Get your creative juices flowing and join us for a Drink and Draw night at 7pm on October 27th at The Albert.

October is The Big Draw month – the world’s biggest drawing festival. To celebrate we are dedicating this months creative evening to the art of Drawing!

From doodles to still life, whether with crayons or HBs – we all have a drawing talent within us. So come along and enjoy a relaxed evening at The Albert sketching the dark hours away!

Can’t draw a straight line with a ruler? Doesn’t matter – this event is about having a go without any pressure. Instead, it will be;

  • Awesome creatives getting creative.
  • Having a go at drawing with a casually structured session.
  • Fun & relaxation within the wonderfully cozy surrounds of The Albert.

So grab your pencils & pads and come and get involved.




Workshop delivered by You Creative Rebel for Refugees Action Kingston

6-week Creative Writing Course

  • Adopt a clear structure.
  • Logical arguments.
  • Clear expressions.
  • Meaningful writing.

Tester starts on the 4th November at 12:15 – 1:30pm. The course will start on the following Friday 11th at 12:15pm.



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YCR & Sartorial Boutique and gifts at The Albert. 

Join us for a Festive evening of creative collaboration; YCR and Sartorial Boutique and gifts will be hosting a pre-Christmas evening on 15th December at 7pm. Sartorial will be featuring a small selection of clothing, accessories, and gifts currently in stock.

  • Awesome food for guests to enjoy courtesy of Sartorial & YCR.
  • Creative Christmas gifts that can be purchased on the night.
  • Relaxed & chilled evening mixing with others creatives within the community.
  • The Albert is having a secret cinema night, so you will have the opportunity to catch a brilliant film too.

You Creative Rebel will be supporting tonight’s event.

So come and join us for a night of Christmas Festive fun within the cozy environment of The Albert.



image.6.tshirt    image.7.Christmas card

image.1.cup   image.3.mountain

On the 17th November and 22nd November 2017.

My aim was to help people that were suffering from dementia to have more freedom through the use of art.

I delivered 2 creative workshops in care homes in the New Malden area.

I came up with 8 visuals Illustrations that provided clear instructions. Please see the above Illustrations!

  1. Provided a setting of tranquility and relaxation
  2. Helped the residents get involved and have fun
  3. Freedom to explore, which built up their confidence
  4. Residents had a sense of achievement and satisfaction when they had completed their creative art pieces




Kingston Arts The Festival of The Voice celebrating 50 years at The cornerHOUSE

You Creative Rebel Presents workshops – Let’s Make Create and Illustrate and Its About Time!

Workshop – Let’s Make Create and Illustrate!

Express, explore and let your creative side come out and play!

  1. Set the tone through mindfulness
  2. A set of artistic short games
  3. Let us make create and illustrate
  4. Keep up the good practice

All kicks off on the 3rd of December at 2pm – 4pm

Workshop 1. lets create make and illustrate


Kingston Arts The Festival of The Voice celebrating 50 years at St Matthew’s Church

Workshop – It’s About Time!

We are all busy people and we don’t always make time for ourselves!

  1. Guided through Mindfulness techniques
  2. This Practical workshop will help you to calmly articulate your ideas clearly and effectively
  3. Promoting a more stress-free life
  4. Make time for yourself today!

Starting on the 9th December from 11:30 – 1pm.

Workshop 2. Its all about time